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2011-04-27 13:48:44 by 2one9
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like me on here so we can grow 1TON to its max potential and get real, big ass venues

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2011-04-08 22:17:28 by 2one9

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2009-10-01 16:55:06 by 2one9

Well, i figured since i havent posted shit i should prolly get on it soon. so here goes

Music is my life. I love and hate it at times. Its like a girlfriend that im always with, even if were fighting i still keep her around cuz deep down she makes me happy lol

You ever get that feeling that you were just meant to do something?
Well for me, that something is making music. Its all i think about.
Even my dreams are gettin taken over.

If i could marry music as a whole, i would but id make that bitch sign a pre-nup.
And id fuck her every single nite.